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Heel Pain in Children – Hope at Last By Matthew Solan

What is wrong?
The most common cause of painful heels in children is a condition called Sever’s Disease. It is not a disease that can spread, but a “growing pain”. Sever’s not dangerous. The heels are more comfortable if rested. Sports that impact the heels with running and jumping give rise to the pain during or after activity. Sadly the children who are most often affected are the ones who are most keen on sport.

Traditional ways to help
Until now the main “treatment” has been to confirm that there is no other explanation for the pain; to reassure the child and parents that the condition will go away eventually; and to prescribe rest.

Extended suffering
Sever’s always resolves once the growth of the heel bone is complete. However, that may mean several years of frustration. Many children miss out on the sport. This is detrimental physically, psychologically and socially.

New Hope
Danish specialist Per Øllgaard has pioneered insoles that, when fitted correctly, take the pain away from the heel.
These Solemaids insoles protect the painful part of the bone from impact. Children have a new lease of life and can return to the sports they love.

Thousands of Danish children have benefitted from this innovative treatment, which is now available in the UK.

Orthopaedic Surgeon and Heel Pain Specialist Matthew Solan is proud to be the first UK registered Solemaids associate.


LFAC Consultant Matthew Solan

Other testimonials from patients who Mr Solan has treated;

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