For Matthew Solan & James Davis at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital and OneWelbeck

For Martin Klinke at London Bridge, Cromwell Hospital, Chiswick Outpatients, New Victoria Hospital, HCA Canary Wharf Clinic & One Welbeck


Foot and ankle problems are very common, affecting three out of four people at some stage in their lives.

Our highly-skilled team of orthopaedic surgeons treat the full spectrum of foot and ankle problems ranging from bunions and plantar fasciitis to ankle replacements and complex sports injuries. The highest quality of treatment and care is offered to maximise recovery time and mobility.

There are many types of lesser toe deformities, including hammer, claw, mallet and cross-over toe deformities. The big toe is known as the hallux and all the others are referred to as the lesser toes.
An estimated one in five adults in the UK has some degree of flat feet and for the majority, this causes no difficulties in any way.
Morton’s Neuroma is a painful condition that occurs when one or more of the nerves supplying sensation to the toes are squeezed and irritated over a period of time
Tendinopathy is the term used for damage to the tendons, causing pain and if left untreated, serious problems and deformity.

LFAC Canary Wharf Clinic

LFAC’s Martin Klinke opens a new clinic in Canary Wharf from 9th July. 

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