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Orthotic Sandals


A solution to summer foot pain has arrived with orthotic sandals now available based on a precise individual prescription.

Patients’ feet will be scanned at LFAC, together with an assessment by podiatrist Antony Kontos, from which a sandal will be designed with an integrated orthotic to an individual prescription.

“We regularly see patients who have a lot of foot pain and even back pain in late summer or autumn,” says Mr Kontos.

“This is because they need to wear orthotics, but during the summer this is very difficult – orthotics are normally designed to be worn inside shoes rather than sandals.

“Patients find orthotics uncomfortable, impractical and unsightly, so just don’t wear them. They spend the summer in flip-flops with no support then end up in pain.

“It is really restrictive for patients. They say: ‘I can’t wait for summer to end so I can just get back in boots again’. This is a really effective solution to the problem.”

Unlike some of the products advertised as orthotic sandals available online, these new products available via LFAC are not mass designed to a general shape.

“The sole of the sandal is created from the scan of your foot, which is really important if the orthotic is going to be effective,” explains Mr Kontos.

Orthotic sandals can be created to address a wide range of foot and ankle problems, including flat feet, morton’s neuroma, high arches, plantar fasciitis and bunions.

Cost is along the lines of a good quality pair of sandals, together with consultation costs.

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    Each surgeon works closely with our podiatrists, who specialise in gait assessment and non-surgical treatment of foot and ankle problems.

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