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Surgical Procedures

Many foot and ankle conditions can be treated without needing surgery, but when it is required, we offer state of the art hospital facilities and the latest medical technology and expertise to provide the highest quality of treatment and personalised care. 

Our focus is on finding a solution that is the least intrusive and provides the best possible results.

Ankle fusion is a long established and effective surgical treatment for advanced ankle osteoarthritis.
In some cases, bunion surgery is the only way to correct the deformity of Hallux valgus and restore “normality” to the big toe.
Hindfoot fusion (or rearfoot fusion) is considered to relieve severe pain from arthritis or to correct a foot deformity, such as clubfoot or grow defects due to conditions such as Spina Bifida.
A tendon transfer is a procedure where a healthy tendon is taken and moved to replace the function of a diseased or inactive tendon.