Ankle fusion is a long established and effective surgical treatment for advanced ankle osteoarthritis.

Arthroscopy, or keyhole surgery, is an invaluable tool in the treatment of the foot and ankle.

In some cases, bunion surgery is the only way to correct the deformity of Hallux valgus and restore “normality” to the big toe.

The surgical fusion, or joining together, of joints is a long established surgical procedure.

Hindfoot fusion (or rearfoot fusion) is considered to relieve severe pain from arthritis or to correct a foot deformity, such as clubfoot or grow defects due to conditions such as Spina Bifida.

Heel pain is one of the most common foot and ankle problems, affecting approximately 10 people at some point during their lifetime.

Using a minimally invasive approach, the surgeon is able to reach the part of the foot that needs correction through tiny incisions, rather than opening up the joint.

We were the first in the capital to introduce a new form of minimally invasive bunion surgery and now have six years of experience in the approach.

We are recognised as being the leader in the UK for establishing minimally invasive stiff big toe surgery.

Total ankle replacement surgery, known as prosthesis, is a major procedure most commonly performed for patients with advanced ankle osteoarthritis.

A tendon transfer is a procedure where a healthy tendon is taken and moved to replace the function of a diseased or inactive tendon.