For Matthew Solan & James Davis at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital and OneWelbeck

For Martin Klinke at London Bridge, Cromwell Hospital, Chiswick Outpatients, New Victoria Hospital & One Welbeck

End of An Era for LFAC – Mark Davies Announces Retirement

The London Foot & Ankle Centre turned 21 years of age at the beginning of January. I believe we have the most experienced and knowledgeable group of Foot & Ankle surgeons in the UK who just have an uncanny knack of making correct decisions about their patients’ conditions. All were hand-picked by me as I spotted their skills and their “human” touch many years ago.

At the end of March I will be retiring but LFAC will continue at its various locations in London (St John & St Elizabeth Hospital, One Welbeck, The Shard, One Welbeck, The Lister, The Cromwell, The New Victoria and HCA Chiswick) with James Davis, Martin Klinke and Matthew Solan manning the clinics along with our podiatrists Antony Kontos and Nikolas Ivanoff.. 

All have been my loyal friends and colleagues for most of those 21 years. It has been my pleasure to have established the clinic and my very good fortune to have worked with fabulous like-minded professionals. As doctors I think we sometimes forget just how important our input is to the improvement in quality of life that we can give to people. Often the decision to observe and wait, rather than diving in with a scalpel, is the wisest path to take. 

As the news of my retirement has leaked out I have been blown away at the number of messages I have received from grateful patients and doctors from over the years. I have a file of “happy” letters that I was looking through recently and some of the comments gave me that good feeling of having done some good in the world. I know LFAC will continue to offer a service that can not be bettered by our competitors.

The office staff, who have been with me for many years, will continue to provide an outstandingly efficient service. They too have been incredibly loyal to me and LFAC.In fact only very recently did I receive an email from a patient expressing the view that what Great Britain (and the world) needs most is more people like the LFAC team.

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