For Mark Davies, Matthew Solan & James Davis at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital and OneWelbeck

For Martin Klinke at London Bridge, Cromwell Hospital, Chiswick Outpatients, New Victoria Hospital & One Welbeck

Louise Minford

I’m a keen walker and runner and had been suffering for several months with plantar fasciitis which had more or less prevented me from doing anything. I’d followed a regime of stretching and targeted exercise without success and was really fed up with it by the time I consulted Mr Solan at the LF&C. He diagnosed chronically tight calf muscles and recommended a surgical calf stretch.

I was offered a date for day surgery within days of my consultation. Mr Solan undertook the surgery in the morning, and after a session with the physio to make sure I could walk I was allowed home in the afternoon. I hobbled around a bit for a couple of days post surgery, but didn’t really suffer any pain, and within a fortnight I was back walking around normally.

I returned to my stretching regime and over the next few weeks noticed a steady improvement in my heel. Within 12 weeks I was back to running and 5 months after surgery completed a 15 mile mountain challenge.

I am delighted with the outcome. Mr Solan and team are friendly, efficient and professional and he takes care to go through all your options and to ensure that you understand everything that’s involved. I’d recommend the LF&C to anyone considering surgery for chronic plantar fasciitis.