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Foot and ankle surgery is a specialist orthopaedic field. The foot and ankle is a highly complex and intricate structure, with 28 different bones.

Foot and ankle surgery has developed as a specialist form of surgery in order to meet the challenges of this area of orthopaedics and to achieve the best results for patients. All of the surgeons at London Foot and Ankle Centre focus entirely on the foot and ankle, in order to achieve the level of experience and expertise required for successful outcomes.

There are, for example, 130 different types of surgery for bunions alone and a foot and ankle specialist is required to select the most appropriate treatment and operate for maximum mobility.

We have not covered every form of foot and ankle surgery; surgery will depend upon your individual diagnosis and needs. However, we have produced a guide to the most common forms of foot and ankle surgery including bunion procedures, Achilles tendon repair,fusion surgery, ankle replacement surgery and arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery for the benefits of patients who may be considering these operations.

In our testimonials section, we provide a patient’s perspective on common types of foot and ankle surgery, including recovery and mobility.

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