Major educational symposium on September 14th to mark LFAC’s 10th anniversary

LFAC is holding a major educational symposium at Lord’s Cricket Ground to celebrate 10 years since the service was established.

Back in 2003, the London Foot and Ankle Centre was the first of its kind, developed by consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mark Davies, as a new centre of excellence focused wholly upon the foot and ankle.

During the past decade, the service has grown extensively, into a well-established team of six surgeons and two podiatrists working in three prestigious London hospitals.

The educational symposium on Saturday, September 14th, is being held at Lord’s Cricket Ground, in partnership with the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, where LFAC began and the mainstay of the service remains.

The programme for the educational symposium has been designed for GPs and physiotherapists, reflecting on what has been learnt during the past decade. All key areas of foot and ankle anatomy will be covered in concise sessions running from 9.30am to 2.30pm.

There will be six LFAC speakers, who are all acknowledged leaders in training, education and research within their fields.

Mr Davies comments: “We value our relationships with our GP and physiotherapists enormously. Optimal treatment, which begins with accurate and prompt referral, diagnosis through to surgery and rehabilitation, depends upon the GP and physiotherapist, together with specialists such as LFAC.

“We have organised this symposium, in part, to thank the GPs and physiotherapists for their partnership and support and also to provide an opportunity to reflect on what we do and how we can continue to ensure the best results for patients.”

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