• Heel Pain in Children – Hope at Last By Matthew Solan

    Heel Pain in Children – Hope at Last By Matthew Solan What is wrong? The most common cause of painful heels in children is a condition called Sever’s Disease. It is not a disease that can spread, but a “growing pain”. Sever’s not dangerous. The heels are more comfortable if rested. Sports that impact the heels with running and jumping give rise to ... Read More
  • Case of The Month – Patient who was born with a club foot – by Martin Klinke

    Today we will present a patient who came to the London Foot and Ankle Centre for a second opinion. Mr LS was born with a clubfoot which was operated on at a very young age. The operation was successful and he was able to live an active life and took part in all sports activities. At the age of 53 years, he ... Read More
  • Current Opening Times

    OPENING TIMES All of our clinics are OPEN for foot and ankle treatments at The St John & St Elizabeth Hospital, The Shard, The Cromwell Hospital, The New Victoria Hospital, The Lister Hospital, OneWelbeck & Chiswick Outpatients Call 0207 078 3800 for Mark Davies, David Redfern, Matt Solan & James Davis, and 0207 403 4162 Read More
  • LFAC 6 Months Post Lockdown.

    It is six months ago that the medical world was turned upside down and surgeons took off their surgical gloves not knowing when they would be able to adorn them again. None of us realised the impact this would have on all medical and surgical work at the time but it slowly dawned on us that normality as we knew ... Read More
  • Case of the Month – What the Aviation Industry would call a Near Miss – By Mark Davies

    This month’s case is that of a 29-year-old male who presented to the London Foot and Ankle Centre in November of 2019. Whilst playing football in March 2019 he sustained a rupture of his left Achilles tendon and he attended A&E where an ultrasound was performed and a gap of 6mm detected. This was treated non-operatively in a plaster for ... Read More
  • A positive step forward for the St John & St Elizabeth Hospital

    A positive step forward for the St John & St Elizabeth Hospital as Casualty First, our Urgent Care Centre, re-opens – call 0207 4328 300 for an appointment Read More
  • European Awards in Medicine December 2019 Winner; Mr David Redfern; Orthopaedic Surgery

    LFAC Consultant Surgeon David Redfern has won the European Award in Medicine for Orthopaedic Surgery. In December 2019 David Redfern was presented with this new award for developing minimally invasive techniques in foot and ankle surgery. He collected the award in a ceremony held at the Ritz Hotel in Paris along with doctors from all Read More
  • David Redfern Speaking at the 12th EFAS International Congress in Geneva

    David Redfern was an invited speaker at the 12th EFAS International Congress in Geneva last week on the topic of “State of the Art MIS Hind foot Surgery” He was also moderating a minimally invasive surgery session. David Redfern is a past chair of the European Foot & Ankle Society (EFAS) scientific committee serving between 2011 and 2016.  He has been a ... Read More
  • Surgeon David Redfern is lecturing on the MICA bunion surgical technique in Germany

    LFAC Surgeon David Redfern is lecturing on the MICA bunion surgical technique in Germany. He is teaching surgeons from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Singapore. He is internationally recognised for developing minimally invasive techniques in foot and ankle surgery, and having the greatest UK experience in this field. David Redfern has trained over 500 surgeons worldwide in this technique over ... Read More
  • David Redfern returns from Boston following the launch of ProStep

    LFAC Surgeon David Redfern returns from Boston following the launch of ProStep (minimally invasive surgery – MIS) in the USA. David Redfern presented lectures to over 120 surgeons and then ran several training labs for the US surgeons covering the basic techniques of MIS. Read More
  • Martin Klinke has recently started two new clinics

    Martin Klinke has recently started two new clinics – on a Tuesday afternoon he is at HCA Chiswick Outpatient & Diagnostic Centre on a Thursday afternoon he is at the New Victoria Hospital in Kingston.   Read More
  • New 3D Foot & Ankle Scanner

    Consultants at LFAC are proud to announce the arrival of the first Standing CT Scanner at The Hospital of St.John & St.Elizbeth – the first in a UK private hospital! The PedCAT® is used by leading surgeons and hospitals around the world from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust in Stanmore to the Harvard Read More
  • New shock wave treatment is now available at the London bridge hospital

    The London Foot and Ankle Centre (LFAC) is proud to announce that Shock Wave Treatment is now available at The London Bridge Hospital.   Mr Klinke is the full time senior Orthopaedic Surgeon at the LFAC Clinic at the London Bridge Hospital, where he treats patients for all foot and ankle problems. Due to the increasing evidence of the benefit from shock wave ... Read More
  • LFAC launches innovative ‘one-stop’ Heel Pain Clinic

    LFAC has launched a dedicated ‘one-stop’ Heel Pain Clinic, to provide rapid assessment and treatment for patients. Patients will be able to have an assessment, imaging, decision and usually first treatment within a single initial visit. The idea is cut out the delays patients normally face when seeking treatment, as initial assessment, imaging and treatment traditionally require separate individual visits to clinic. “We ... Read More
  • Heel Pain Clinic

    “We recognise that for patients who have endured months or years of heel pain, it is frustrating to go through a long process of waiting for scan results and another consultation before a decision is made. With a dedicated Heel Pain Clinic, we can eliminate unnecessary delays, provide a decision and start treatment during your first visit.” Matthew Solan, Consultant Orthopaedic ... Read More
  • LFAC Clinical Director is elected to a key national role

    Mark Davies, Clinical Director of the London Foot and Ankle Centre has been elected to join the Education Committee of the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (BOFAS). The role is a key national position in the society which represents UK specialists in foot and ankle surgery. Mr Davies founded the London Foot and Ankle Centre in 2003 and works there full-time, ... Read More
  • How to Manage Painful Bunions by Mark Davies

    What is the main cause of bunions? The vast majority of bunions affect people with a genetic pre-disposition to the condition. It is said that there are bunion-proof feet and bunion-prone feet. It is therefore, very much a hereditary condition. Almost invariably there is a family history and the reason why women are more commonly Read More
  • MICA Operation For Correction Of Bunions (Hallux Valgus) by David Redfern

    ‘MICA’ stands for Minimally Invasive Chevron Akin, describing the state of the art keyhole method of undertaking modern bunion correction. The ‘MICA’ technique was born from a collaboration between British orthopaedic surgeon David Redfern and French surgeon Joel Vernois. They invented and introduced the technique to the UK and France in 2008. Mr Redfern appeared Read More
  • Foot Pain And The Role Of The Tight Calf Muscle by Martin Klinke

    Foot Pain and the Role of the Tight Calf Muscle There are many reasons why the forefoot can become painful. The more common ones can be linked to modern lifestyle. Inappropriate footwear, sedentary working life or excessive impact activities are just a few of them. On the other hand, pathologies “higher up” in the body Read More
  • Achilles Tendon Rupture – Important Questions to Consider by Matthew Solan

    1. Is it only partly torn? When the Achilles tendon ruptures it (virtually) always tears completely. There are very rare instances where part of the tendon remains intact. If in doubt you should assume it is completely torn and seek medical help. 2. Do I need a scan? A scan is not needed to determine whether or not the tendon is torn. A ... Read More
  • Case of the Month with Matt Solan

    Case of the Month Justine (not her real name), is a 31-year-old active lady who enjoys competitive netball. She presented to The London Foot and Ankle Centre in April 2018 with a history of three years of pain affecting both of her heels. Initially, her pain was only present first thing in the morning. She sought advice from podiatry and was ... Read More
  • Case of the month by Martin Klinke – Ankle replacement

    Mrs Black had a nasty road traffic accident aged 20 which involved a complicated injury to her left ankle. At the age of 32 she sustained another but less severe injury to her left ankle. Over the years her ankle became more and more arthritic but despite the injury, she kept on being very active. Read More
  • Case of the month: A case of chronic resistant heel pain successfully treated with minimally invasive surgery

    By David Redfern Heel pain is a common complaint and can become a chronic debilitating problem for affected patients. The most common cause is ‘plantar fasciitis’ (“policeman’s heel”) which is usually ‘insertional’ with typical tenderness on the plantar aspect of the heel at the attachment of the plantar fascia. The case we focus on here involved a policewoman! She suffered with ... Read More
  • Urgent assessment of injuries brings faster recovery

    By Matt Solan Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. An injury that initially seems like a disaster may in fact need a lot less “treatment” than your patient was initially told in the Accident and Emergency department. Casts and crutches get in the way of work, travel, driving, bathing and just ... Read More
  • Ankle Replacement

    By Martin Klinke Over the last decades life expectancy has increased and will continue to do so in the future. Fortunately many people are staying fit and remain active at the later stages of life. Whereas improved implants for the hips, knees and other parts of the muskulo-skeletal system have proven to be very beneficial there has been a lot less attention ... Read More
  • The Elderly Foot

    By Mark Davies We all know that as we get older body parts have a nasty habit of failing. Whilst organs fail, our skeletons degenerate and whilst we do not talk of skeletal failure that is what inevitably happens with time, to many of us. Whilst we enjoy good health we rarely pay our feet much attention but when they start to trouble ... Read More
  • Tendon Injuries and Treatments

    Tendon injuries can be caused by a sudden stress or trauma and also by untreated inflammation and degeneration. The tendons perform a very important function within the body, connecting the ends of the muscles to the bones. Unlike the muscles, the tendons degenerate very slowly and if severely damaged, may not degenerate at all. Of the numerous tendons in the foot, the ... Read More
  • Bone and ankle fractures

    Bone and ankle fractures (breaks) are a risk when there is a trauma, or injury. The ankle bones are commonly fractured and may need surgery to restore the anatomical alignment if they are displaced. Fractures can range from less serious avulsion injuries (small piece of bone pulled off) to severe shattering-type fractures of the bones and dislocations. Ankle fractures are most ... Read More
  • Know your foot shape

    Rina Bimbashi Podiatrist, London Foot and Ankle Centre Most women are quite knowledgeable about their body shape – whether they are an ‘apple’ or a ‘pear’ – and some of the health implications of their shape. But are people equally informed about their foot shape? Many of the problems we see in clinic are directly related to the patient’s foot shape. High arches and ... Read More
  • As players get bigger, action is needed to reduce the injury toll in rugby

    Mr Anthony Perera Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, London Foot and Ankle Centre   As a foot and ankle surgeon based in the rugby heartland of South Wales, I spend a significant amount of time treating injured players. I enjoy working with sportspeople; they are highly motivated, and for the surgeon, there is the challenge of getting them back on the field quickly without compromising performance. But ... Read More
  • What a difference a decade makes – transforming foot and ankle surgery

    Ten years ago, Mark Davies was in San Diego, a lone UK surgeon attending a meeting of American foot and ankle surgeons. “I remember being really impressed, but at the same time, it was depressing because in the UK, we were lagging so far behind.” Shortly after that, Mr Davies would set up the London Foot and Ankle Centre, the first of ... Read More
  • Study shows superior recovery from MIS bunion surgery

    LFAC surgeon Anthony Perera has carried out the first study in the world which directly compares outcomes of open and minimally invasive bunion surgery. The large study, encompassing 240 patients, compares clinical and x-ray outcomes after bunion surgery. It was presented at the recent American Foot and Ankle Society meeting in Florida. Ten different x-ray measures were analysed, before and after surgery, ... Read More
  • Do you need to ask your GP for a referral to a specialist in foot and ankle surgery?

    While many acute injuries and some foot and ankle conditions evidently require a specialist referral, others are less clear-cut. Consultant orthopaedic surgeons Mr Martin Klinke, Mr Matthew Solan and Mr Anthony Perera provide a concise guide to when to refer, what to look for and commonly missed problems. The ‘ankle sprain’ that won’t heal Ankle sprains account for about 10 per cent ... Read More
  • Are you a weekend warrior or ball sports enthusiast?

    The LFAC guide to sports injuries and the risks posed by different sporting activities. The New Year’s resolution enthusiast   Who? All age groups, sometimes with poor baseline fitness levels. The main risk factor for this group derives from a sudden increase in activity without adequate preparation or technique. Risks Stress fractures are the main problem when there is a sudden increase in activity. These ‘hairline’ ... Read More
  • Foot problems during and after pregnancy

    Extracts originally published in Pregnancy and Birth magazine. It is well known that women’s bodies change in many ways during pregnancy. But many mothers-to-be are not aware of the impact pregnancy has on their feet and that without appropriate foot wear, these changes can lead to painful foot problems. “I see a lot of women who find a year after giving birth, their ... Read More
  • Rina Bimbashi presentation for the Association of Foot and Ankle Physiotherapists

    The London Foot and Ankle Centre’s resident podiatrist Rina Bimbashi, who is based at The London Bridge Hospital, is speaking and running a work shop at the Association of Foot and Ankle Physiotherapists, at The Imperial College on Saturday 21st March 2015. The topic is Orthoses for Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD).  Rina will be talking for 20 mins and doing a workshop ... Read More
  • Care of the Elderly Foot’ Educational Symposium

    LFAC and HJE held a major educational Symposium on Saturday 28th February 2015 at Lords Cricket Ground. The theme was “Care of the Elderly Foot”, and over 200 GPs and Physiotherapists attended this major event. All of the Consultants presented on their specialist areas, concentrating on the elderly population, with detailed patient case studies and key developments on treatments and ... Read More
  • Two hundred GPs and physiotherapists join LFAC for our 10th anniversary meeting

    Foot and ankle surgery is a specialist orthopaedic field. The foot and ankle is a highly complex and intricate structure, with 28 different bones. Foot and ankle surgery has developed as a specialist form of surgery in order to meet the challenges of this area of orthopaedics and to achieve the best results for patients. Read More
  • Major educational symposium on September 14th to mark LFAC’s 10th anniversary

    LFAC is holding a major educational symposium at Lord’s Cricket Ground to celebrate 10 years since the service was established. Back in 2003, the London Foot and Ankle Centre was the first of its kind, developed by consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mark Davies, as a new centre of excellence focused wholly upon the foot and ankle. During the past decade, the service has ... Read More
  • LFAC holds major seminar for physiotherapists at Lord’s Cricket Ground

    The London Foot and Ankle Centre is holding a major seminar for physiotherapists at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The free event is taking place on Saturday, February 4. There are 145 physiotherapists currently booked to attend, although a few places remain. All six LFAC consultants are speaking at the event, on a wide range of subjects all focused on issues and questions most ... Read More
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