LFAC launches innovative ‘one-stop’ Heel Pain Clinic

LFAC has launched a dedicated ‘one-stop’ Heel Pain Clinic, to provide rapid assessment and treatment for patients.

Patients will be able to have an assessment, imaging, decision and usually first treatment within a single initial visit.

The idea is cut out the delays patients normally face when seeking treatment, as initial assessment, imaging and treatment traditionally require separate individual visits to clinic.

“We know that it can be frustrating for patients to see the consultant, then be told to come back for imaging and then come back again for a decision – all before treatment commences,” says Mr Matthew Solan, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon of LFAC.

Mr Solan and his colleague Consultant Radiologist Dr Andrew have won an award for establishing the ‘one-stop’ approach within the NHS in Surrey.

The Heel Pain Clinic is designed for patients with plantar fascia and Achilles tendon problems. It is appropriate for people who have been in pain for a period of several months and have found conservative treatments ineffective.

Following detailed assessments, patients are normally recommended shockwave therapy or injections and more rarely, calf release surgery.