For Mark Davies, Matthew Solan & James Davis at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital and OneWelbeck

For Martin Klinke at London Bridge, Cromwell Hospital, Chiswick Outpatients, New Victoria Hospital & One Welbeck


I would highly recommend Mr Mark Davies as the surgeon to choose for anyone considering bunion surgery.

I had suffered from a very painful bunion for longer than I should have.

To such an extent that I was walking on the side of my foot which had created a further problem.

Mark Davies not only carried out the bunionectomy but he also went the extra mile by operating on my Taylor’s bunion with the painstaking challenge of inserting the tiniest of pins into my little toe to straighten it out!

You will be in very safe hands with Mr Davies who is a very warm friendly and professional man, an excellent surgeon and a brilliant consultant.

He even took the time to make me aware of the best footwear to choose.

I had forgotten how it felt to be pain-free and this summer I was finally able to wear Fitflop sandals to show off my new foot!