In Mark’s Own Words

I chose to specialise in foot and ankle disorders when, as a registrar in 1995, I noticed a glaring hole in the world of orthopaedics in the UK. At that time there were no dedicated foot and ankle surgeons in London, and the standard of the care offered was archaic. I had to go to Australia to get the surgical experience to be able to get foot and ankle surgery recognised in the UK.

As a result of specialising in this area for over 20 years, it is not very often that I see a condition that I don’t recognise. I have also learned that many conditions, once recognised and treated appropriately, do not require surgery. Unfortunately we live in an era when everybody wants a quick fix and right now.

This often results in inappropriate surgery being performed for all the wrong reasons, and sadly the lure of money affects some surgeons decision making process.

I pride myself on three things. Firstly I have never and will never operate on someone unless there is no other option and no prospect of the condition improving without intervention. Secondly I pride myself on the fact that I can get a history out of a patient so that I know the diagnosis. When the diagnosis is known I explain the options available, and the decision that is made on what is to be done is a joint decision with the patient. Lastly, and most importantly, I genuinely care about my patients and the outcome of any treatments that are offered at the London Foot and Ankle Centre.

With twenty years of experience in the field I feel that I can earn the trust and respect of my patients. I was once asked what is the best part of my job, and my answer was “seeing a patient walk in six months after surgery and hearing that the surgery performed had changed his or her life immeasurably for the better”.

I am immensely proud of the London Foot and Ankle Centre and all the staff in our four centres. We are a team striving for one goal, and that is to successfully treat all our patients with care, integrity and honesty.

Mr Mark Davies

BA (Oxon), MBBS, FRCS (Orth)


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