Liz Treble

Mr Redfern – I am forever grateful for the amazing surgery you carried out on my foot. I would highly recommend you and the minimally invasive surgery you carry out to anyone considering bunion surgery.

I can’t remember exactly when I started to develop a bunion on my left foot but it definitely became more pronounced and painful in recent months. I had lived with it for quite a while and it was constantly being aggravated by shoes, albeit it sensible ones. Heels had gone out the window a long time ago!

I am quite an active person, doing various sports and it was therefore important to find a long-term solution.

I did quite a lot of research including speaking with friends who have had bunion surgery and I also saw an NHS orthopaedic consultant but the technique and surgery sounded a bit scary and rather intrusive to the structure of the bone and joint.

I then came across minimally invasive surgery carried out and pioneered by Mr Redfern at the London Foot and Ankle Centre.

I felt in very safe hands right from the very first consultation. I really liked the idea of minimally invasive surgery and Mr Redfern was incredibly patient and took time to explain the surgery in detail and what I should expect regarding recovery. I decided there and then to go ahead with the surgery.

The moment I woke up from the surgery I felt fine, my foot was totally anaesthetised. I was given crutches, a special boot (as I could still weight bear) and discharged with painkillers in case I needed them, along with strict instructions to elevate my foot for the first two weeks post-surgery.

As the anaesthetic slowly wore off, I took paracetamol at regular intervals but I was incredibly surprised that the pain was so minimal and manageable, after the first week I no longer needed any painkillers. I was quite disciplined in elevating my foot, as I was told that this helps the healing process and also keeps the swelling down. I had my first check-up appointment three weeks post-surgery which included removing the post-operative bandage and where I caught the first glimpse of my new foot, it was beautifully straight. A six week check-up followed which involved an x-ray and I was able to discard the boot and start wearing trainers.

It is now 5 months since the surgery and my foot is almost back to normal, well actually not normal… I now have a beautiful bunion-less foot with virtually no scarring whatsoever and no pain. I have had regular physiotherapy which has really helped gain mobility around the toe area. I am slowly resuming exercise and barely notice any soreness.

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