Mrs K

“My feet feel so much better than they have ever felt before…Mr David Redfern is an amazing surgeon; he honestly knows what he is doing” My Mum, my Dad and my Grandparents all had bunions, and following years of increasing pain from my own bunions, especially during pregnancy, I decided to undergo surgery to correct [...]
SL Twickenham, man suffering with bunions

S.L. Twickenham

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say a huge thank you to Mr Martin Klinke

I had both feet operated on to rectify bunions, not to mention a severely bent toe, both of which are now no longer any problem whatsoever.

I’d suffered, and I really mean suffered,



I approached Martin after about a year after I had torn my ATFL ligament (anterior talofibular ligament) in my left ankle in an Adventure race in NZ. My initial specialist had recommended against surgery and recommend a period of recovery and physio. This did not work for my active lifestyle so I sought a second opinion [...]

Liz Treble

Mr Redfern – I am forever grateful for the amazing surgery you carried out on my foot. I would highly recommend you and the minimally invasive surgery you carry out to anyone considering bunion surgery.

I can’t remember exactly when I started to develop a bunion on my left foot but it definitely became more pronounced and painful in recent months.


Mark Chesson

I was referred to Mr Klinke by a family friend who was very happy with the results of her operation.

I had bad post traumatic arthritis in my left ankle after I broke my ankle playing football in 2013. To alleviate the pain Mr Klinke explained the two potential options available to me which were an ankle fusion and an ankle replacement but after a full assessment by Mr Klinke and a bone scan,

Marcia C. Manarin

When I went to see Dr. David Redfern at the London Foot & Ankle Centre I had already been suffering from painful bilateral bunions for nearly 2 years. I was postponing a decision on having a surgery because of the bad experiences I had heard from friends and the negative material seen on the internet and in the media.


Robby Swift

I had the misfortune to suffer 2 lisfranc fracture dislocations, one on each foot and both times Mark Davies operated on me with great success. I had to have a fusion the first time because the joints were so badly damaged after a previous injury and because that operation had been so successful for me and let me have 5 years of heavy windsurfing on my injured foot,


Jackie Speckley

When I finally decided that I could no longer tolerate the pain in my ankle due to severe arthritis and deterioration in the joint as a result of polio, Mark Davies assured me that ankle fusion was the way to go and that I would be pain free as a result of the procedure.

Sharon Black

Sharon Black

My left ankle was replaced and Achilles tendon lengthened by Mr Klinke at the London Bridge Hospital on 6th February 2017.  I had badly broken my ankle in a car accident at 20 and broken it again in a windsurfing accident in my 30s leaving a damaged joint with arthritic changes.

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