• Rina Bimbashi presentation for the Association of Foot and Ankle Physiotherapists

    The London Foot and Ankle Centre’s resident podiatrist Rina Bimbashi, who is based at The London Bridge Hospital, is speaking and running a work shop at the Association of Foot and Ankle Physiotherapists, at The Imperial College on Saturday 21st March 2015. The topic is Orthoses for Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD).  Rina will be talking for 20 mins and doing a workshop ... Read More
  • Care of the Elderly Foot’ Educational Symposium

    LFAC and HJE held a major educational Symposium on Saturday 28th February 2015 at Lords Cricket Ground. The theme was “Care of the Elderly Foot”, and over 200 GPs and Physiotherapists attended this major event. All of the Consultants presented on their specialist areas, concentrating on the elderly population, with detailed patient case studies and key developments on treatments and ... Read More
  • Two hundred GPs and physiotherapists join LFAC for our 10th anniversary meeting

    Foot and ankle surgery is a specialist orthopaedic field. The foot and ankle is a highly complex and intricate structure, with 28 different bones. Foot and ankle surgery has developed as a specialist form of surgery in order to meet the challenges of this area of orthopaedics and to achieve the best results for patients. Read More
  • LFAC holds major seminar for physiotherapists at Lord’s Cricket Ground

    The London Foot and Ankle Centre is holding a major seminar for physiotherapists at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The free event is taking place on Saturday, February 4. There are 145 physiotherapists currently booked to attend, although a few places remain. All six LFAC consultants are speaking at the event, on a wide range of subjects all focused on issues and questions most ... Read More
  • Foot problems during and after pregnancy

    Extracts originally published in Pregnancy and Birth magazine. It is well known that women’s bodies change in many ways during pregnancy. But many mothers-to-be are not aware of the impact pregnancy has on their feet and that without appropriate foot wear, these changes can lead to painful foot problems. “I see a lot of women who find a year after giving birth, their ... Read More